05 March 2011

open your mind open your mind open your mind

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Not identify with the concept of open-mindedness. Actually open it. This is a trap into which everyone falls, but it's the worse in liberals. They're so sure they are at the cutting edge, so used to disparaging the stupidity of their less progressive fellows, that they are the easiest prey for mindfuckers. This well and truly IS "the age of manipulation" and easy as it is for you to see the manipulation of others, you're blind to its operation on you.

Turn OFF your TV.

And, DON'T flatter yourself that your scrupulous attention to what's going on in the world, and alternative news and information sources is helping you... except insofar as it helps you realize you are, we are, hypnotized, and wheresoever one might be closer to thinking for oneself, one is bombarded with so many disorienting inputs as to render one utterly harmless... utterly harmless to the sociopaths at the helm, that is.

I'm unhappy about the mobs attracted to doomsaying, and they've made it so awful that merely straight reporting amounts to doomsaying. ANYBODY would conclude that all this taken together spells doom... D-O-O-M. They've made it so our greater sense tells us to heed Alex Jones, but it STILL, despite his constant reminders to think for ourselves, never gets us to think for ourselves.

Don't you GET it? Everything they made you memorize in school, all those test answers requisite to a passing grade, was training you NEVER to think for yourself. What you call thinking for yourself is LUDICROUS. FUCK your murderating little ego. I love you and I'm giving it to you straight. WHAT YOU CALL THINKING FOR YOURSELF IS LUDICROUS. Only calling it that doesn't make it SO. It's so ingrained and you've been doing it so long that not even millions of people perishing horribly drops the scales from your eyes. You think reminding everyone of it IS awake and aware. You are wrong. That, too, is only what you call it... OR IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

You're scratching your head over 99 nutting up on the pushbutton revolutions and geopolitical chess and wars and... turning her attention to all those alternative scholars who populate the halls of Out There... probably just her California Bliss Ninny roots taking over in her meltdown... right? Well, fuck you. I'm not doing this blog for drill. I'm not doing it for popularity. I'm not doing it for money. I'm not doing it to contribute uniquely to your continued identification politics, which is to say your doom. I'm wallowing around, here, to help you out of the cell in your head, the one that the world gave you. The one that kills you, literally or figuratively, the former being the most merciful.

I'm sorry I'm not the greatest at this, but I'm what you've got. Karma splatted you here. It could be way worse.

love, 99

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