21 March 2011

sputtering disbelief

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The reference here:
What balls! What hubris! What hypocrisy! What happened to America?
to testicles is just silly, because obviously Obama's were cut off on 20 January 2009.


Think about this one:
The BBC World Service is to receive a "significant" sum of money from the US government to help combat the blocking of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China.
All that scoffing you do at the people who insist we are still a colony of Britain? And the scoffing you do at those who insist the Queen is a Judite space lizard from a millennial line of human-enslavers? They might sound colorful. Freaked people usually do. But mayhap you should temper your scoffing just a jot?


Not a cakewalk:
We will not let Libya be lost like Palestine, Iraq or Somalia. We are arming the people. If western countries come to Libya they will have to fight house by house. If Libya goes down, Europe goes down. If we are attacked we will fight to the death. Every man and woman. ...

Nor is there any sign that Gaddafi's loyal supporters are preparing to abandon him. "Without Gaddafi," said a mourner, "Libya will be like Somalia. There will be chaos. This is not like Iraq or Afghanistan, where someone else will take power. We don't have a Maliki or a Karzai here."
Whatever his flaws, he has been good to Libya, and we most certainly have not.


And this so isn't going to help:
Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of "trophy" photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed.
Any Libyan malcontents our ops may have stirred to rebellion are going to be taking a harder look at their best interests now.


Fuck yea....

On Russia's failure to use its veto:
Medvedev defended his order to abstain from the vote on the U.N. resolution which Putin vehemently criticised. He also steered clear of chiding the United States, while Putin lambasted Washington.

"The resolution is defective and flawed. It allows everything," Putin told workers at a ballistic missile factory in Votkinsk in central Russia. "It resembles medieval calls for crusades.

Medvedev defended his decision not to use Russia's veto.

"We did not use it for one simple reason: because I do not consider this resolution wrong. Moreover, on the whole I believe this resolution reflects our understanding of what is going on in Libya as well, but not in every way."

The 45-year-old Kremlin chief's comments were widely reported on state television. Putin's crusade comment was quietly dropped from some state television news bulletins after Medvedev's criticism.

Putin, in some of his harshest criticism of the United States since President Barack Obama began a campaign to improve ties, compared the Libya intervention with the invasion of Iraq under President George W. Bush and said it showed Russia was right to spend billions to bolster its military.

Medvedev did not mention the United States and stressed the international nature of diplomatic efforts over Libya.

"We did not use our veto... so to be flapping our wings and saying we did not know what we were doing would be wrong. We did this consciously," he said. "I gave the instructions to the Foreign Ministry, and they were carried out."
I'm with Putin... of course....

love, 99


  1. The British press have started referring to Gadhafi's headquarters as his "lair."

  2. Obama is worse than Bush...



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