26 March 2011

today in nukequake

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Still desperate to make it sound non-meltdownish....
Mr. Nishiyama [of NISA] on Friday linked the radioactive puddles in plant No. 3 to a possible breach in pipes or ventilators leading to, but not inside, the vessels that surround the core at plant No. 3. Plant officials said later Friday that puddles at Nos. 1 and 2 also contained high levels of radiation.

The precise source of the radiation in the seawater—by air or by water—could yield clues about whether there is new, unanticipated damage in the complex.

Mr. Nishiyama on Saturday said officials weren't sure what caused the latest surge. "Radioactive substances may have been transmitted through the air, or contaminated water could have drained from the plant somehow," he said. "I don't have further ideas."

He also said officials were crafting a plan to deal with the poisonous puddles. "I have heard that [TEPCO] has an idea about a place to store water and is preparing" for drainage, he said.
Yes, in the CEO's swimming pool.


An mp3 from out there... including neutron beams... and—I hate to tell you—vastly more serious and helpful than you're getting on the news wires and from your government....

love, 99


  1. contaminated water could have drained from the plant somehow

    Good grief! They've been dumping water on this mess for ten days now, the spent fuel pools are leaking, where did they think all this water was going? Down some magical drain never to be seen again?

    new, unanticipated damage

    So what has happened since the explosions to cause new damage? Perhaps an aftershock I guess, but certainly nothing that they have revealed.

    In their swimming pools indeed!

  2. I do believe you are catching my drift about being stuck in the agitate cycle, media-wise....

  3. After they empty the barge, I'm sure they will just take it out to sea were it safe to dump, you know like they did at the Fallon Islands;)


  4. Another tsunami would empty out those poisonous puddles.

  5. Thank you for sharing....

  6. speaking of quakes, the "earthquake swarm" continues in Arkansas.

  7. I felt this one in Milwaukee - about 300 miles away.

    The building I was in rumbled for about 45 seconds and stacks of folding chairs in another room all fell to the floor.

    High rise buildings in Milwaukee, some sitting on 400 foot deep pilings, swayed for over an hour.

  8. Having experienced so many earthquakes, I can only remember specifically the very largest of them. I like the ones where the ground starts acting like the sea. They sound like trains, with the doppler effect and all. There are ones that are just single pops that sound like somebody just nuked the next town over. I think the most frequent kind are like shaking a baby rattle, and they're mostly side-to-side. The other night there was a baby rattler with a touch of ocean waving... but no freight train sound... too gentle. Last week sometime there was one big enough to wake me up but not big enough to keep me awake. I think that one might've been larger and noisier. The Loma Prieta wasn't noisy where I was, but it made everything rattle loudly, as though a monster semi, hubcaps above ground floor level, were speeding past. I like them like I like thunder and lightning. I think the part I seriously will not enjoy is the tsunami part.

  9. Didn't hear or feel anything here in Sacramento from Loma Prieta, but all hanging plants and things were swaying and the aquarium water was sloshing out of the ends of the tank.

  10. Oh Oops...


    Japan utility admits it failed to warn Fukushima workers about radioactive water

    And finally an admission...

    But the salt in seawater is corrosive to the reactors, and engineers are trying to pump it out and drain it into the sea.


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