01 April 2011

i'm heavily in favor of it

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Especially if they make it permanent.
President Barack Obama warned lawmakers on Friday that it would be the "height of irresponsibility" to shut down the government over a spending battle, pressuring Republicans not to pursue deeper cuts.
The actual "height of irresponsibility" is what we've already got, and COMPLETELY stopping that is the crucial part of taking responsibility.

So here's to the permanent demise of this regime.

No. Really. Even if what comes in its place ends up being worse, it NEVER would have gotten better any other way.

love, 99


  1. Yes, it would be a good thing if the only one that were hurt are the ones killing people around the world. We all know that it will be the food stamps, SS, and any other program that help the citizens of this nation in these dark times. Darker times will be here soon enough for us all.

  2. Yes. I look back on my lifelong avowed liberalism with deep regret. Not, mind you, that I think conservatism a jot better. I regret the fatal waste of so much time. I know they were snowing me my whole life and so who could really blame me for being such a wastrel of my own insight and talent? But that doesn't comfort me in the least. I just and only want to DO BETTER while yet I breathe.

    The big consolation for me in this filthy state of affairs is that people—EVEN the ones you think are lethally misguided—do turn into heroes when the chips are down. We will end up FORCED to rely on each other for our very lives. Maybe that will teach each of us the gratitude so utterly missing in our consciousness all this time.


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