04 April 2011

yes, we figured

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Relentless. Unspeakably relentless.

I'm just reminded of all the times I've bellowed to fellow activists that the difference between us and them is that THEY have the will. We have so many excuses and so many distractions we prefer just copping an attitude and call it "willpower".

love, 99


  1. Holy jumping Jehosephat! Brother Cornell is FAT! OMG.

  2. At lest the UN has backed down on this yet.

  3. So this evening I'm driving home from work listening to KVMR evening news report. The report goes into a report on serious health affects to our soldiers from breathing the dust in Iraq.

    No mention of the affects on the people living there full time.

    My blood begins to boil...

    Then he goes on to attribute the ill affects as due to the fine particles which get absorbed into the lungs and don't get worked back out again and proclaims the culprit is lead from the unleaded gasoline used there.

    Without a single word regarding DU he moves on to the next story.

    People were looking strangely at me as I proceed down the freeway screaming at my radio!

  4. The report goes into a report

    [The reporter goes...

  5. Good point, jo.

    BB2, I think we need to find ways to refine our lives such that we do not have to just be irate while we keep feeding it. If we will not physically take out the perps, we have to take our energy and consciousness away from them by any means feasible. You strike me as the kind of person who would leap at the chance to remove yourself from their influence, but you are too busy putting food on your family to do it. This keeps upsetting me on your behalf, which is a bad failing of mine and needing considerable attention. I'm sorry you had to go through that.


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