01 March 2010

very concerning

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Obviously, this document is not well translated, but gives the general impression that giving an interview to al Jazeera can be extremely hazardous to one's health. It could as easily be a ploy to discredit the Qatari news organization, but I'm bringing it up because I have repeatedly found myself a tad vexed by the suddenly awfully America-friendly and Israel-neutral tone of the place. It is my main general news site and since it became more operative and user-friendly for the United States, it also seems not to be anywhere near so keen on giving things from a Muslim perspective, which I felt was one of its finer attributes. Beside being almost without exception nearer to the truth, it was immense help in balancing the fascistic blather coming out of our media outlets. I'm not so sure anymore.

They are still about the best news outlet we have... though RT is catching up.

Maybe corporate headquarters just decided it's more profitable to aggravate Christians and Jews less. Or maybe we don't even know who in Qatar is in charge anymore. Or maybe too many of their reporters and offices were getting bombed by American troops. Or maybe their operation has become so huge and their employees so diverse that the frickin' ISI/CIA/MI-6/Mossad/anybody axis can get their moles in there to track down whomever. Or not. I don't know, but I'm bothered enough, uneasy enough, to mention this.

As for Abdelmalik Rigi, of Jundullah fame, I barely believe he was a terrorist/drug dealer who was coöpted by the United States. More like he was flat out installed by the United States to start his enterprise. If you hunt around in my Jundullah label, I think there are some whiffs of him being entirely too near JSOC/Blackwater installations recently and I won't be remotely surprised if he somehow manages a fantastic escape from Iranian custody. Even if they keep him and try him and hang him, it will only be because the Iranians are much less corruptible than the Pakistanis. At the rock bottom bare minimum he and his group have been supported by United States taxpayers for at least three, but probably six, years. This has been reported by both ABC and The New Yorker, and so there is NO doubt about that much.

I mean, Brian Ross, alone, reporting it, would mean Fudd wanted to brag to Tehran that he was murdering their people, but SEYMOUR HERSH reporting it means somebody who knows for certain about this stuff isn't at all happy about it and wants it to stop... for all the good THAT does them.

I'd say either Iranian intelligence really got their act together to nab him, or someone in the ISI is bloody furious with the United States and tipped them to get even with us. I don't know if al Jazeera had ANY connection to it, but here we have a convergence of two items that have been bugging me for quite a while. So I bring it up for you to file in your Big Maybes folder....

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