01 March 2010

nails it

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Just cleans their clocks... a little harsh on the unwashed masses, but nails it on liberals.
...the liberal establishment is ... still whining about the same-old riddle that’s paralyzed them for 30 straight years: “Why don’t Republicans debate fairly and honestly?!” And their answer comes down to the same feeble: “It’s because Republicans aren’t as good as we liberals are.”
Flippin' over and over and over and OVER again, day in and day out, 24/7/365, it NEVER stops being liberals bragging about how educated and smart and truthful and honest and virtuous and dignified we are. Pander to that shit and yer in 'em in Liberal circles. No matter what. It makes me want to puke. I am SO sick of it. I might even be able to endure it without bellowing about it every five minutes if everybody would just skip the elevation of themselves at others' expense even PART of the time, but it is RELENTLESS.

It's a black hole.

Unable to take one's attention from any opportunity to think well of oneself, one continually misses the opportunities for effectiveness. Bark at one to wake them from such lethal revery and righteous indignation, punctuated by sparks and flashes of incendiary sophistry, swirl in a fathomless ocean of smoke, sucking sense out of the air at an event horizon the precise demarkation of which describes the range of audibility.

A black hole.

Believe me. I've done the math. I know what I'm saying.


  1. The elephant in the room is not liberals thinking they're "better" or whatever, that's what they want you to think, and it's working. The elephant in the room is electronic voting machines and stolen elections and a corrupted media. I disagree on this one.

    It's like "blame the victim". Steal elections and then say: "See? People want the Republicans in there. They don't like those smug, 'elite' liberals."

    I think that's a false meme put out there, that liberals are "elitists", they think they're better than everyone, etc...and it's working. Just like the false meme "liberal media".

  2. Bullshit. The only thing liberals like better than superiority is victimhood.


    The elephant in the room is that we are ALL Americans and we have to fight together in order to save our country. The voting machines are tertiary by now. EVEN with pristine elections, and pristine candidates, WE END UP WITH FASCISTS. If they don't go fascist, they are dumped from office or murdered. That is 100% perfectly crystal clear. So we free ourselves from the corruption FIRST and then it up.

  3. “Why don’t Republicans debate fairly and honestly?!” And their answer comes down to the same feeble: “It’s because Republicans aren’t as good as we liberals are.”

    I notice that's a Tea Party site btw...

    Here's the point: LIES work. Take for instance, O'Keefe's ACORN edited video LIE. Now, do we combat lies with lies? Maybe liberals should start fabricating things about the right and Republicans. Is that the answer? Well, it works! O'Keefe got ACORN defunded. Maybe we should all start throwing shit at each other.

    Since when is is bad to not stoop to someone else's level?

    Since when are we ashamed to be smart and intelligent?

    Since when in America is it OK to be a dummy and vote for a dummy you'd like to have a beer with rather than someone intelligent to run the country?

    This is all coming from the right, because the FAKE dummies took over the mainstream media and are still calling it liberal, and the REAL dummies love it and vote for them.

  4. What are you doing? Hanging around dummies or something? Who hate intelligent people?

  5. That site loves Ayn Rand, too. Talk about an elitist! Their experts at being elitists, "pretending" their dummies and getting the dummies on their side. PRETENDING you can have a beer with them, trash talking liberals calling them elitists, and THEY are elitists tricking them.

    George W. Bush, the billionaire from the billionaire family, but he's a "dummy", someone you can "have a beer with". Bullshit! They're good at doing that.

  6. Millionaire and soon Billionaire Sarah Palin: "one of the people", one of the "commoners", the "dummies". Bullshit! They play that like a fiddle and it works!

  7. Here's a hopeless cause: my wife works with a woman (poor) who's two young sons are in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's a cleaning lady. Her husband was in the military. They are typical lower middle or even poor. Their son died, and it was definitely due to working in Iraq in one of those burning pits they're now suing Halliburton KBR for, inhaling toxic Depleted Uranium. He was around 21, wasted away to nothing with leukemia.

    Today, Karin got in an argument with her because she was saying how great the Republicans are and the U.S. should stop welfare.

    She said, though, we are doing so good around the world! The military! They're in Egypt helping the people there! Totally brainwashed!

    Karin said: why aren't we helping Americans first, with health care? She said the poor (of which she is one and seems not to realize it) brought it upon themselves.

    Will it take her other son dying to become like Cindy Sheehan???

    She is a hopeless cause. She thinks liberals are "elitists", she'll be the first one to start collecting social security checks, she'll gladly accept any benefits from the govt.

    Frankly, people like that make me sick. They're totally brainwashed. Lost causes.

  8. She wouldn't hear a WORD of it, when Karin explained depleted uranium or the FACT that those VERY TOXIC BURN DUMPS are being sued BY THE TROOPS THEMSELVES! GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!

  9. Karin is now an "elitist" to her. That's the refuge of someone who won't listen, calling the other an "elitist".

  10. The guy's a liberal who works with Matt Taibbi and publishes in a bunch of LIBERAL publications.

    I'm afraid YOU are the brainwashed one, Danny. I love you from the bottom of my heart, but yer just flat out hypnotized by the liberal talking points.

  11. Oh, and that woman said we NEED to be in all other countries, because no one else will do it.

    And that guy's wrong, I don't care who he is.

  12. No one has to "marry" anyone else politically; no one has to embrace every tenet or belief that an anti-imperialist ally might hold. You simply have to say: "All of us, regardless of our other views, believe this truth to be self-evident: dismantling the empire will bring immediate and enormous benefits to our nation and to the world."
    —Chris Floyd

    It DOESN'T MATTER how much we disagree on almost everything. It matters that we come together against our common enemy... the 1%.

  13. And we're getting single payer here in Pa. it look like. So HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Progressive" California.

  14. I'm going to be a TROLL on your site! (lol)

  15. There ARE NO LIBERAL TALKING POINTS. You must mean DEMOCRATIC talking points, and Democrats aren't liberals.

  16. I'm going to change my name to Big Troll on your site.

  17. And steal articles from you, to boot!

  18. They're trying for single payer here too.

    Most of the single payer people have resorted to trying on the State level.

    Troll away. Turns out most of the trolls, at least the ones who were not paid to do it, maybe just tasked with it by rightwing leaders, had a lot of real points they were trying to make, but got barked down by all us more-virtuous-than-thou types.


    OK, I'm through.

  20. Maybe you'll end up calling ME an elitist!

  21. Thief! Ingrate non-linking thief!

  22. Oh, and yer right. I misspoke. "Democratic" talking points... that liberals fall for every time... out of habit... because they're hypnotized... EVEN when critical of the party.


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