22 April 2010

hedges is just too smart to keep deluding himself with his own sanctimony

[click image, video, one hour and twenty minutes]

He's fucking up. While he recognizes the fascism ripening on the left, he still insists that non-liberal protesters are "proto-fascists". It's REALLY hard to break out of such circular thinking, and SO much harder when you are this intelligent, but we are DOOMED until people like Chris Hedges get over themselves and pay attention to more than the contents of their own minds.

No. Really. This lecture is full of good stuff, but it's SO bereft of real vision that it's only going to harden people in their sightlessness. So, try, please, to be inspired by his good intention, but stay clear of his delusion. People who do not self-identify as "liberals" or "progressives" are every bit as human and loving as those who do, and there will be NO fighting the real enemy until people like Hedges realize this.

Truly, friends, staying inside our own halls of mirrors is NOT the way to liberation. It further enslaves us every day. Hedges is SO in love with his own good intentions and his own determined ignoring of very real and viable things to sort of sophistry his way into articulation of some completely self-defeating self-glorification at the vanguard of some hallucination of a politically clean future that he might as well just be slapping the chains on us instead of opening his mouth.

I'm grooving on the kid who comes up to, sort of, rebut, augment, Hedges' remarks, though.... I'm pretty sure no one who gets up to speak will have the balls to take issue with any of it, but... heavy sigh... we gotta keep a bead on this stuff.

Ha! It just occurred to me that Hedges should get his ass over to visit with Norman Finkelstein and LEARN Gandhian non-violence. That ought to grow back some hair on him somewhere. That would help a lot.


We've been over this and over this and over this. Pay attention!

Those just itching to get the Constitution so dead and long buried nobody mentions it anymore would PAY him LOTS of money to keep speaking this way... would book him and cover him and make sure videos of his talks abounded. You keep getting sucked in by these terms and you will feel relief when they set the riot cops on the Tea Parties. Yes, you will.

Don't hand me that crap about "hate speech". Yes, it CERTAINLY is awful, awful, awful, but calling righteously angry fellow citizens "proto-fascists" is only a much hipper and more insidious—AND MORE EFFECTIVE—form of the same thing. Hedges is NOT preaching love and peace and justice—though I'm certain that's what he thinks he's doing. No. He's giving us permission to play requiems at the sites of our brothers' murders... when HALTING the murders is EVERYTHING.


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