22 April 2010

i really do need to thank you guys

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It is so wonderful to have days when I get so many cool links from you that I don't even get part way into my daily rounds before all hell has broken loose here. On top of that, my dear friend, Dale, to whom I have been griping about the stupid affront of my student daring to call himself an international dressage competitor—amazed as I am at the strength of my negative reaction to seeing a video of him strutting his appallingly bad stuff in front of a crowd of adoring fans—and you haven't had to endure even a quintillionth of it—WHAT in the hell difference does it make if that many more hours of my youth turned out to be wasted, anyway?—anyway—whut? Oh, yes, Dale sent me the text you can find at the image link, and it made me happy... not, albeit, that I wholly agree with it....

One of the first things on my to-do list from my teacher was to pluck out all my different personalities, name them, write stories or plays with them as characters... basically kill them off one-by-one if I couldn't clock them all with one punch. There were about nine of them, if I recall correctly, and I don't exactly recall anything so correctly as we have seen, and the pack leader I named Tish... short for "Morticia". Do NOT fuck with Tish. The rest of them are dead, or off somewhere I can't hear them, but Tish is going for immortality. She's paralyzed, must be wedged up against the foundation out my window here, or something, because I can still hear her.

I usually ignore her. But, when it gets hairy, I just have to grit my teeth. While reading this email from Dale, she was yelling, "Remember that military fucker who kept calling his son a degenerate peace faggot for having long hair? Well, a degenerate peace faggot [no offense to homosexuals] wrote that! Tell Dale not to be such an old softy!" She was chuffed about people letting themselves go to seed when it's so dangerous to your health... ME letting myself go to seed when it's so dangerous to MY health... NOT going to grow out of my size sixes ever again on pain of death by apnea... but I had to shut her up by reminding her that NOT EVERYONE who gains weight closes off their windpipes, lighten up, the sentiment is darn pleasant, relaxing and full of good will. What a great guy to send me that! She's out there imagining having use of her arms and legs again, I'm sure, but I told her she can spring instantly back to full lethality when a rapist breaks in or, say, Bibi Netanyahu crosses my path. Short of that, STFU.

So, anyway, I love you and thank you for throwing all these links in my path today.

I have the most amazing friends.

I'm gonna go cook myself a chicken breast and some string beans and if my usual haunts yield up anything interesting later, I'll let you know.



  1. G'nite dear...

    5 AM comes soon, but hey, it will be Friday!

  2. Oh, fine. I finally get dinner in me as you're going to bed!

  3. LOL


    And I am slaving at work while you are still dreaming!

    So there!


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