22 April 2010

you may recall

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I alluded to this here a year ago, but I don't remember where I actually came all the way out with my feeling that the ONLY reason Cinderella was dazzling Prague and, ergo, supposedly the world [certainly the Nobel Committee] with this ridding the world of nukes bit was because we had something better. This isn't really the inexactitude of my memory thing so much as, back a year ago, I was breaking my neck every day to monitor one blog and keep up active participation in a few others, on TOP of doing mine. Found myself working really hard to raise the conversation in as many places as possible, but one cannot expect people to keep behaving beyond the very second you stop manipulating them... daring them to be good... daring them to put a toe outside their boxes. I collapsed all the particulars into a singularity that is now out in the cosmos somewhere sucking up stars. So I only remember that I was explicit about it somewhere. Maybe here. Maybe in an email. But probably on a thread somewhere long subsumed by the oceans of cyber-flak spewing from every direction.

I've been obsessing on the speed, but it seems we already have that speed for nukes... I'm not sure though. The NYT piece makes it sound a lot faster than ICBMs, and whut do they mean by "pinpoint" accuracy? Haven't we heard that before? What kind of propulsion and guidance are we talking? Are we even talking about the generally accepted version of the medium through which these missiles would be traveling?

I know, I know, I've been listening to too many space lizard researchers and "whistleblowers" who insist we have technology, fully functional and functioning technology, waaaaay beyond what is known by the general public. Thing is, as you will note below, we are now forced to cut out the bullcrap about "conspiracy theorists" if we want to stay dealing with a full deck. So. I wonder.


  1. long subsumed by the oceans of cyber-flak spewing from every direction.

    I like that statement...

  2. Thank you. I was looking for a word that harked up something being relentlessly bombarded and then completely engulfed by the oceans of flak that resulted... wanting a word that sort of caught it as it was still distinct and took it to being irretrievably buried or sunk... and "subsumed" seemed too vague, but... well... I'd just done the black hole for the singularity of all that too much energy spent for not enough return on the investment. I am trying to do this stuff in a really close to off-the-cuff way, trying to make words convey more than just what they mean in the dictionary... appealing to people more abstractly, more communicated with fewer words... hard to articulate, but aiming at forcing language to do a better job communicating.

  3. I think, so far, I mostly only manage to vex a lot of people, but maybe a few are catching it....

  4. Hey,

    I added Miriam Webster to my tool bar when I started reading your writings!

    Now I'm pretty much up to speed, but I still have to click it from time to time.

    I like the challenge!


  5. blogger doing its missing comment thing again!

  6. Ah,

    there it is. It shows up when you make a second comment.

  7. They are punishing me for considering abandoning them again!

    They know ALL.

  8. Better watch out
    Better not shout
    Better not cry...

  9. Bla bla bla, e who spys on 99 (the ex moderator of brad's blog (YEAH) can only be quite adept at something)

    I just fucking disagree with the CAP/TRD/GLB/MAN?WRM cruf. RaraaAArrrrGGggrrRrrrrr..


  10. No your guy's problem is you allow IFRAMES!!! Fuck I thought I told you about this.

    When I post here, I can feel the hacking burning my firewalls up - LOL serious. hahaa



    in a fucking regexp in your firewall's squid/proxy/filter and end it.

    Then you basically have to logon, and then BURN your FIREWALLUP hehe then LOG OFF.

  11. I guess as long as you got the backed up OS, and your passwords are encrypted there's no problems.

    I gotta say I b0rked out for some ICY DOCKS Fuck it.. It's worth it. Anyway, ACRONIS + ICY DOCK + 1G DRIVE = a CLONED OS safety = PART OF SECURITY/BACKUP/HOME/NET/PLAN. hint: the fuckin cloned OS boots and runs perfect as the ORIG-- all your progs, and craft are lit.

    Nothing like being PREPARED. (do ya want two slices or three? j/k fuck...)

    I hate it when I am out of beer..


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