01 July 2010

the grandmother of all coverups

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It actually COULD have some redeeming value to do this at some point, but, well, just now I'm at a loss to think of any good motive for it.

And, as BB2 mentioned earlier today, they're FUCKING pressing those toxic FEMA trailers back into service again too.




I am beginning to hope those relief drills are for nuclear devices.... This is getting entirely too terrible and the failure of their plans to plug it from below looks to be a virtual certainty, AND will increase the destruction exponentially.
Best case? Oil rains down within 300 miles of the Gulf Coast, poisoning flora and fauna and turning the major parts of the Gulf States into disaster areas. Large scale evacuations will have to be made in any contaminated areas simply due to the carcinogenic risk of the oil; this will create large refugee camps outside of the immediate disaster areas and the economic ripple effect will be felt nationwide; this will obviously impact the world economic scene in a negative fashion.

That’s the best case scenario.

Worst case? The methane bubble explodes, causing a tsunami that wipes out 80% of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Large portions of Texas are also destroyed. The Gulf islands and Mexico will be in the same boat. All of the oil platforms currently drilling in the Gulf would be torn away from their moorings, creating further oil leaks that would exacerbate the problems already there.
So maybe this hints at why I'm starting to hope for nukes.



  1. good motive?

    There's only one motive there - hide it!

    That's been the motive since before the well blew up and it has been followed as the divine mantra ever since.

    Spray dispersants on it and into it - sink it - keep it below the surface - hide it, hide it, hide it...

    Greed in its most ugly incarnation.

  2. Blogger not playing nice today...

    Fortunately I've learned to copy my comment into the clipboard prior to posting it.

    When I first come on line and hit post selecting the google ID it goes to sign me in and I get an error message - field cannot be empty.
    Then when I go back, my comment is gone and part of a blogger error message appears where my comment had been, but I am signed in.
    I have to reload the page and paste my comment back in. At that point, since I have been signed in, it all works OK then.

  3. I so toadally agree!

    I'm just thinking that if we ever get it stopped and as much cleaned up as we can, that THEN it might actually be helpful to bury some of it this way... but I don't even know for sure, not being a biologist. Just seems to me that might open up a little room for living things to eke by if the residue below wouldn't drift up through it too much.

  4. I'm helpless to explain the commenting craziness. I do know that oft it is a wrong setting on yer cookies thing, but not always. I know for CERTAIN that if you have left all the gmail cookies and blogger dash cookies on yer machine and THEN completely block any more cookies, it lets you comment just fine... no glitches... USUALLY. Once in a while it's apparent that they are trying to fiddle with their service and we just have to count to ten or something. Other times, I swear, it MUST be astrology at fault.

    AGGRAVATING AS FUCK! But amazingly LESS aggravating than when the Russians bought HaloScan or the other "social networking" commenting platforms.

    I'm still dreaming of my completely own site with total control of all of this noise.


  5. It is doing it to me on two different computers today.

    Currently I am signed in a Google, but I had logged in there after going off line since my last comment.

    Right now, to comment, it is asking for me to select a profile - I'll see what happens.

  6. Aries must have just moved into Cancer....

  7. I'm trying to find a link I had last night but neglected to save.

    It listed the plant toxicity of corexit when mixed with different types of oil.

    Heavy crude mixture did much damage, light crude (gulf leak) was 100% fatal to plants when mixed with corexit.

    The plants in the salt marshes are what keeps the land there, goodbye Mississippi delta!

  8. Or would that be Taurus?

    I can never recall....

  9. I'm gonna let you in on a secret.

    I'm turning into a full-blown conspiracy nut... BECAUSE, since my original take on the numbers turns out to probably be right, AND we've known since Katrina that saving NOLA from the ocean will be IMPOSSIBLY expensive, I think they very well might have done this ON PURPOSE kind of on purpose, as opposed to just greed-addled negligence kind of on purpose.

    I might only need ONE more bit of information before I'm positive of it.

  10. Well, actually light crude in itself was 100% toxic, dispersant did nothing to improve the situation...

    See page 877 (Page 3 at this pdf link)


  11. Heavy duty examination of what happened - get out your slide rule and geek glasses!


  12. I have been on the verge of donning my geek glasses all day... having another one of my more than usually blind days... and I think this one has just pushed me over the edge.... When I come up for air, I may have fallen all the way into my conspiracy nut future.


  13. To really get your conspiracy blood flowing you can always take a ride with Alex Jones & Lindsey Williams...

    or perhaps you already have.

  14. Oh, yes, I was on the Alex and Lindsey wave from the git... I just didn't let any of the paranoiac parts fruffle my bustle. No flipped-out callers or forum tanglers have jogged me from my sense of what is musically-verifiable as likely to be real. It hit when there was a reconfirmation of the original depth reports, in conjunction with seeing the prevailing tides in the Gulf slamming the sludge into the Redneck Riviera and barely approaching ANYTHING like getting into the Gulf Stream even yet. The aromatic essence of rat started wafting through my humble abode while stolidly trying to endure the raving station breaks at four-something in the morning to catch what Hoagland had to add to our flimsy knowledge base.

    I know I've linked it before, but the second visual down on this page is incredibly helpful to me.

  15. "We submitted proposals for oil skimming vessels to BP on Monday June 14th – 25 million gallons of oil ago – and were promised they would be reviewed on an expedited basis. To date we have received no meaningful response," said McCallister.

    On June 22, McCallister gained assistance from Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) in requesting a waiver from the Jones Act, which prevents foreign-flagged vessels from cleaning the BP oil spill and protecting the U.S. coastline from the onslaught of oil. To date, neither Senator Cornyn's office nor Allegiance Capital has received a response regarding the waiver. McCallister's first request for a waiver was sent to Admiral Thad Allen on June 16.

    McCallister believes there may be an underlying issue affecting BP's resistance to bringing all available oil skimming equipment to the Gulf.

    "We believe BP has chosen to 'disperse and sink' the oil rather than to 'surface and collect' the oil," said McCallister. "Sinking and emulsifying the oil keeps the problem out of site and better serves BP's financial interest than does removing the oil from the water. This way BP can amortize the cost of the clean up over the next 15 years. Unfortunately this strategy exacerbates the significant cost to the Gulf of Mexico and the people and animals who live there."

    They're fucking psychopaths, I tell ya!

  16. I regret to inform you that not only did I have to switch to my geek glasses for BB2's links, but they made my contacts pop out and I'm needing two pairs AND the handy "Readability" feature to wade through them. Dial 911.

  17. Okay, BB2. This may have pushed me over the edge:

    18. Why did BP reject the use of large “suction pile over the BOP” at the outset which is a standard technology for anchoring deepwater systems and one could have been lowered over the entire BOP at the outset!? Ask the Dutch and any number of other manufactures. The current “containment cap” is nothing but a mini-version of a “suction pile” that does not go down to the seafloor and is too small in scale to collect all the oil.

    I have been wondering about this every other hour for two months... and have stifled myself because I had no clue if this existed or if there were some bad technical problem to prevent it or if the pressure is just too much.

  18. "It is the last thing most of us expected to hear: nearly every single worker from the Exxon Valdez oil spill Disaster is now dead, according to a CNN News report."

  19. I just shot myself in the head again.

  20. Oh, bless the buddhas of the ten directions. I found a new source for my space lizard studies. Here's a couple hours worth of remote viewing the Gulf Blowout and other apocalyptic stuff. Here comes my PhD.

  21. Made a new Jim Marrs playlist... if anyone is interested. It probably won't stay up long. Neither will the remote viewer one linked in my last comment.

  22. Okay, BB2. This may have pushed me over the edge:

    The first cap they lowered did that. It failed because of the 40% methane which, when its pressure dropped dramatically when it left the well head, flash froze the water into methane hydrate, clogging the recovery pipe. (There is even a chance that at such high pressure the methane may be arriving at the well head in liquid form and flashing off into a gas as it escapes - the thermal effects would be greatly increased in such a condition. That process is exactly how an air conditioner or refrigerator works. I have not had success yet finding the pressure/ temperature charts to confirm this. Nothing I've found addresses the high pressures of the reserve.)

    The current cap, by leaking out around the edges, does not allow the water in, thereby avoiding the problem. It was intended to have a better seal around the pipe stub, but they ended up shearing the pipe off instead of sawing it, thereby deforming it and not allowing a tight fit.

  23. I was not aware of that. All the graphics I saw had it considerably above the BOP... and if the new cap is somehow attached, but not sealed well, well, then that makes the ejecta on the streaming video EVEN scarier!

    I may have become MORE confused, I hope temporarily, than I was before.


    Seriously, if we won't rise up to smack them down, could we at LEAST rise up to smack them around?

  24. Here's the first dome - they put it on but it stopped working soon afterward.

    The weight of it was to sink it into the sea floor mud up to the "fins" and capture all the oil from the leak at the kinked pipe above the BOP. The slot was to go over the pipe that was bent but still attached to the BOP. This would not be able to capture the oil coming from the end of the broken pipe, thus their estimate of 85% recovery.

  25. Okay. But my memory seems to be bucking about the freezing problem happening before it was all the way down... or there was an image of it part way down or up next to text talking about the failure, giving me the idea that the dome was never meant to fit down to the seafloor, just catch the stuff on its way up.

    I'm trying on the POV of BP being "innocent" and "open" in their "good faith" attempts to mitigate... but all I've managed so far is to assume the idea that there was no intent for this to happen, but no caution against it, and they got on it right away but nothing we have is a match for the pressure. Ever since about the time of the news report you linked, they've been shutting down the public, forcing down the blowout to whatever degree possible, and leaving those of us horrified who are not mollified.

    I wonder if I dare look around for the casualties yet........

  26. Initially they tried to use a "Diamond Wire Saw" to cut the pipe off close to the flange on top of the BOP in order to apply the "top hat". This would have provided a smooth cut and round pipe onto which they could apply the cap. Rubber gaskets would make a good seal and vents in top of the cap would relief excess pressure until they could pump the oil as fast as it is coming out.

    As I understand it some of the well pipe had come up inside of the outer pipe and was binding the wire saw causing it to fail.

    They ended up bringing in the giant shears to cut the pipe of at the top of the BOP. This crushed the pipe into an out-of-round condition causing the gaskets not to seal. (I couldn't find a video of that specific cut)

    Here they place the current cap onto the riser pipe after it had been sheared. (I got to watch this live as it was happening. I was surprised how easily it went on. I expected the flow to blow it off.)

  27. Lending to your confusion were the misleading headlines and bylines.

    This article begins Hydrate build-up stalled placement of the containment dome over gushing oil. which gives the impression it was never set in place. Yet further into the story we find “What we had to do was pick the dome back up, set it over to the side while we evaluate what options we have to actually try to prevent the hydrate formation or find some other method to try to capture the flow,”

    The dome had in fact been placed. The hydrates formed after that both making the dome buoyant as well as clogging the outlet pipe.

  28. So, really, irrespective of their cutting mishap, it was their failure to compensate enough for the cold that obviated getting a condom over the well head and BOP that would have prevented vastly more of this glop and gas from infecting our environment.

    I'm ASSUMING this means there was no way to compensate for it enough, that ALL they had was hope.

  29. ALL they had was hope.

    The large cap method has worked in shallow water with normal oil/methane mixtures - this was new territory all the way around.

    Hope indeed...

  30. Well, I wonder if there've been more earthquakes around Yellowstone since that time.... Old Uncle Dave is always, and has for long been, mentioning that he hopes it blows soon, when, that is, he isn't trying to invoke the asteroid....

  31. Maybe the asteroid can hit Yellowstone!


    Yer on the same wavelength....

  33. He added that maybe it could hit Yellowstone, be blown back into space by the volcano and come back down to hit us AGAIN!

    Many of us are beginning to like the idea of a quick end over this long-aching agony, the suffering, the suffering, the suffering.... Could be old age, but, well, probably not.

  34. Argh - I'm losing it....



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