24 September 2010

i think my neighbor lady with barefoot envy is autistic

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I am trying to keep my cool. Working my little fingers to the bone the past couple days on some projects I've got simmering, and trying to just coast along in a not too grief-stricken mode. So. It's a lovely, lovely day here today. I betook myself to my garden to putter for a few moments. The problem with this peaceful and practical mode of just staying even and clear and not too bumblingly bumpy is that it puts me in the way of what my neighbor lady considers "singing". I've heard autistic people doing a much more tuneful job, but it truly puts one in mind of proximity to someone making an alarming sort of lilting groan over and over and over and over again.

I don't know if it was my bare feet that set her off... she clearly feels I'm a floozy and a half for going out unclad so provocatively... but I do begin to get the idea she may have reason to fear for the attentions of her long-suffering husband.


And last night I was taking abuse from Old Uncle Dave and even some sniffles from Agent BB2 about my determination they should turn off their fucking tvs and smash them to bits with sledge hammers. One of my arguments against even just watching the science shows was that OUR MAINSTREAM SCIENCE IS MOSTLY BULLSHIT. These guys are both very smart men, but not even very smart men realize the extent to which the murderating memes of the controllers get slipped into them during their relaxations.

Dammit! I'm doing you a solid here! Don't give me no shit!

love, 99


  1. Did I do that to your hair?

  2. No. Old Uncle Dave started the tilt and my neighbor lady pushed me all the way over....

  3. Fear not for me. After decades of seeing what's going on, I am impervious to any conditioning the telescreen might try to throw at me. It's the people who think reality shows are real you have to worry about.

    But I *am* craving a Dove bar for some reason... :)

  4. Your certitude of your imperviousness is what frightens me. I admire faith in one's own intelligence, but we're all old enough now to know right down into our toes how fallible it is.


  5. Hey Dave,

    Have you seen this?


    Enter your location and see when to watch the space station, shuttles, Mir and Hubble fly over, find comets etc.

  6. That's pretty cool. Now you've got me wondering about "Unknown Object B" up there. :)

    99 - No worries. Besides, Arsenic & Old Lace and A Fish Called Wanda are on Channel 9 tomorrow night.

  7. It's just my straight up in the air pony tail flooped over and my bangs in every direction.... My normal, well-kept, self....

  8. I can't smash my tv.

    I got to have my Kitchen Nightmares (yeah I actually like this), and then I got to have my Supernatural! Considering, I own all seasons now up to 5.

    Every "news" story I find is either presented as the opposite of the truth, or lacks key critical information which would expose the truth and flip your opinion, or out right lie, or just missing story all together.

    I'm seeing like 20 variations of these a day now on multiple channels. (Of course I have to spend 12-14 hours actually finding the truth first)

    The other thing is the story is almost always late now. Like couple day old, or even week old.

    Of course when I turn off the TV on goes the radio, and again same problem.

    Anyway my Masters in Space Lizardry is quite sufficient for me to allow the keeping of a tv, and filtering out the crap. While I know how to filter, it doesn't let up on the stress side, but then that's what all those B *.* vitamins are for.

    Add to the fact I produce a little tv myself and boom I have to keep one at least.

    For the less adept I have to suggest smashing both TV and Radio. It's 99% doubtful the US Government will ever use the Emergency Broadcast System for a real attack anyway, state secrets guarantees to nip such activity in the bud.


    Hey if your neighbor don't like looking at you, She could always hire Palen's boyfriend to build a 25' fence with a 3' gap at the bottom--epitome of madness. http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/.a/6a00d83451c45669e20133eee7110a970b-550wi


  9. Ham radio is always fun!
    Get your self a rig, and an ARRL Handbook and get on with it. That old tube radio with the 12AX and 6LV6's will be more valuable if there is another false flag attack.



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