12 March 2011


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Don't be distracted.
The price of a barrel of oil is sitting right [around $100] at this moment. How much do you think a “barrel” full of heroin sells for?

For relatively pure heroin, cultivated and shipped from Afghanistan, the world’s largest supplier of heroin — it would net you $19,923,200 USD PER BARREL.

Now, by the time that hits American and Russian streets … and is cut up and diluted several times, you are looking at roughly $60,000,000 – $80,000,000 US dollars per barrel of heroin.
And, just as an aside, just to make your blood boil, dig this....


Don't you love how I start this out telling you not to be distracted and then am too distracted to finish updating the cited post and link you to the latest? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I will endeavor to remember that I'm a damn airhead before I hit "PUBLISH POST"... but remembering seems to be the problem lately....

Anyway, all fixed now, hours later, and maybe you didn't already try to read this....

love, 99

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